Murano Glass Sculptures

Transparent or colorful, large or small, thin or rounded, the Murano glass sculptures that Luxury Unique Gift has selected for you express all the art and the passion that the Venetian glass artisans use every day to shape elegant creations able to enhance all the surroundings.

This elegant collection of Murano glass sculptures will mark a unique and welcoming atmosphere in your home or office, with a distinctive style that characterizes every single product, thanks to the making procedure that has not been unaltered over the centuries.

So our sculptures of this category will definitely enrich the environments in which you live or work, adding a luxury look and special  design, refinement and brightness. The particularity of the glass sculptures is to capture and reflect light making it part of the sculpture itself, in fact  these refined glass objects will look vibrant and alive: a true emblem of Venetian blown glass art.

The wonderful sculptures proposed depict subjects of various types (animals, abstract figures, but also vases and spheres) yet they are perfect for a refined gift of great value, to offer during happy events, for special seasonal greetings or to someone who finely loves taking care  of their surroundings.


Murano Glass Sculptures

So why looking for a common present?


On Luxury Unique Gift you have the opportunity to choose the right colors and shapes, with the certainty of buying a product entirely handmade in Italy according to the  tradition, as well famous all over the world for its uniqueness. This selection highlights quality and design,  making easy to display and placing your Murano glass sculpture in each room you like, as it is a product that perfectly matches to both classic and modern so you will be able to enrich and enhance your surroundings adding color and great style, thanks to the originality, class and prestige of these sculptures.

These beautiful items of furniture can be shown on bookshelves or on shelves, on the desks or on  dining table, bedrooms etc.. with the certainty that this object will capture the looks and will be admired for its shiny and gorgeous shape. Murano Glass is that noble element recognized all ver the world, shaped by the precise work of expert craftsmen, who boast their know-how passed down from generation to generation.

In a moment, the raw-melted and incandescent glass, solidifies. The  materials merge with the magic of art, in a process of metamorphosis that awakens in every creative soul a distant alchemical dream, but this time, looking to the future.

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