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Murano glass sculptures are the maximum expression of venetian Murano glass craftsmen's creativity. From the animals to the abstract figures, all the variety of shapes and colors will impress and astonish, personalizing your spaces with this masterpieces of brightness and originality.


  • 674 €

    Amatoris, elegant and sensual Murano glass sculpture, 100% Made in Italy, made in the romantic Venice.The fusion of the bodies of the two lovers shaped in this piece of art gives strong emotions, feeling the iconic message of love that comes out of it,  thanks to the passionate embrace between the two silhouettes. Great and unique style for your place or...

    674 €
  • 340 €

    Navicula, reproduction of sailing boats in Murano glass.A lovely ornament to decorate your home, a sculpture that recalls the idea of ​​the sea and the sun.Its base holds the sail molded using gold leaves during processing that create a brilliant effect inside the glass, making this object of art extremely special.Ideal as a luxury gift idea even for...

    340 €
  • 202 €

    Ursus, beautiful polar bears made in Murano glass with black and transparent details.The realization of this candid bear enhances the qualities of the precious Venetian glass, which does not need excessive details to impress, but charms in its essentiality.The bright shade is ideal to give a touch of light to any environment without loosing quality of...

    202 €
  • 202 €

    Penguin, Murano glass 100% Made in Italy. The simplicity and the contrast are the principal features of this piece of art resulting from patience and precise manufacture by Murano glass artisans from Venice. Available in two sizes.

    202 €
  • 154 €

    Feles is a small but amazing Murano glass sculpture conceived using clean and simple lines.This graceful product focuses on the essential and sinuous forms, reproducing a stylized cat ideal as an art furniture to enhance your spaces.Available in the two color combinations Black / Red and White / Black.

    154 €
  • 493 €

    Taurus is a Murano glass sculpture that belongs to one of the animal-themed collections by Fornace Mian. The experted glass artisans of Murano precisely craft details obtaining a final product that really looks like the real animal with shiny surfaces. The black color gives sobriety and class to this piece, available in two versions.

    493 €
  • 1 230 €

    Equus is a little and precious reduced-scaled reproduction of a horse, in two different poses: type A. while grazing and type B. while trotting. The sculpture is realized with 100% Murano glass in the historical Venice. This piece of art is an elegant furnishing accessory, particularly indicated as ornament to impress thanks to a real glass sculpture.

    1 230 €
  • 165 €

    Avicula is a collection made by Murano Glass Art sculptures, shaped with gold leaf as a a couple of Amber little birds,. Its work technique is astonishing, the fusion of the glass with the gold details creates a interesting and fine pattern, yet the precise artisanal touch makes Avicula a unique piece of art. Luxury idea for a small present or to...

    165 €
  • 862 €

    Nodus Torus is an abstract collection of Murano glass with sculptures realized by the experienced glass craftsmen of the company Fornace Mian. The winding shapes of it beautifully define a like-knot image, resulting in a fine and modern design. Ideal as luxury furnishing accessories, these pieces of art can make your living room or bedroom a pleasant and...

    862 €
  • 401 €

    Cor is a collection of Murano glass vases in three sizes from Fornace Mian.Each vase is a different scale reproduction of a lovely red heart surrounded by transparent glass and, in the Red/Amber version, also by an amber aura.Ideal as a gift idea for a special person or a loved one, Cor gives a precious touch of romance to your furnishings.

    401 €
  • 7 994 €

    Sol e Luna is a collection of vases by Fornace Mian inspired by the two celestial bodies, that are embedded in the central part of the stem as main character of these pieces of Art. The precious crystal color vases made using Gold leaf are tall about 120 cm, so they are particularly suitable to be displayed in big spaces or on spacious shelves to give a...

    7 994 €
  • 263 €

    Saturno means Saturn, like the homonymous planet. This vase created by shaping the prestigious Murano glass, is designed by Fornace Mian which is able to give a distinctive and classy touch to its products. The minimalist and sober design  of this product captivates by its ability to impress with its simplicity. A great piece of art.

    263 €
  • 1 843 €

    Tirigiro, a quirky vase for your home. Versatility is its distinctive feature: in fact it can be used both in vertical and horizontal position, thanks to its perforated appearance and its refined shape taht make it a very special piece of furniture, unique in its kind, which must not be missing in your living room. Handcrafted using several layers of...

    1 843 €
  • 330 €

    The Cuscini Vase is insipired by its name which means "Pillow", smooth lines and particular shape. Created in red color, its glass, handcrafted in Murano island, gives exceptional reflections of light pleasing the eye, and adding value to its unique beauty. Available in two different sizes.

    330 €
  • 263 €

    The Soffioni Vases are real unique elements of Made in Italy, crafted from the best artisans in Murano Island. The possibility of purchasing them in four different sizes and two different colors (Water / Steel or just Steel), allows you to create your own unique furnishing compostion to make your living room or bedroom really specials.

    263 €
  • 202 €

    Sfere Collection comes from the concept by Luisa Beccaria.It is about a collection of spheres made using mirrored glass, with sparkling color and irregularities inside, modeled in Murano by artists.Each sphere has air bubbles in it, which at first sight make it look like celestial planets, its brightness reminds shining stars. Available in different colors.

    202 €
  • 1 999 €

    Giano is one of the Mian Furnace's collection composed of two pieces of Murano glass art that harmoniously combine the Amestista color with the Oro Crystal color.Suitable for classy environments, these two precious furnishing accessories are particularly indicated for your table or shelves, to brighten up your dining room living room or any other place.

    1 999 €
  • 2 306 €

    Domus Area is a collection of Fornace Mian that includes two precious satinated glass vases with a decoration of Silver leaf. The stem is made of blown glass, while the upper part has a pleasant crossed-look pattern. The result is two fine and unique art pieces, with attention to details that will give a touch of class to your house.

    2 306 €
  • 277 €

    This amazing collection is inspired by the Solar System: pieces of art realized in mirrored glass. Amber like the Sun , Crystal like the Moon and Violet like Venus. The mirror look makes the surfaces incredibly reflectives, and the color layer under the transparent glass creates irregular and shiny patterns that imitates the surfaces of the celestial...

    277 €
  • 2 181 €

    Socrate Vase, with a fine and elegant look, will apply a truly modern avant-garde for your fitment. The contrast is intrinsic in this very particular Murano glass handmade piece. Its design and cleancut lines aim to give a greater shape thanks to the captivating metallic colors, resulting in a product that constitutes a real pleasure for the eye.

    2 181 €
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