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Fornace Mian is an esteemed art glass brand located in Murano, Venice, which is renowned for its long-standing tradition of glassmaking. Founded in 1981 by brothers Carlo and Giovanni Mian, the company specializes in creating stunning handcrafted glass pieces that showcase the rich heritage and artistry of Murano glassmaking. Fornace Mian's products range from traditional Venetian-style chandeliers, vases, and bowls to modern, abstract pieces that push the boundaries of contemporary glass art. The brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned it a loyal following among collectors, designers, and art enthusiasts around the world.


  • 2 306 €

    Philosophy Vase is designed to decor your places with uniqueness and elegance. Created by Veniatian Artisans with care and using only Murano Glass to make exceptional pieces of art. Available in two sizes.

    2 306 €
  • 263 €

    The Soffioni Vases are real unique elements of Made in Italy, crafted from the best artisans in Murano Island. The possibility of purchasing them in four different sizes and two different colors (Water / Steel or just Steel), allows you to create your own unique furnishing compostion to make your living room or bedroom really specials.

    263 €
  • 263 €

    Saturno means Saturn, like the homonymous planet. This vase created by shaping the prestigious Murano glass, is designed by Fornace Mian which is able to give a distinctive and classy touch to its products. The minimalist and sober design  of this product captivates by its ability to impress with its simplicity. A great piece of art.

    263 €
  • 330 €

    The Cuscini Vase is insipired by its name which means "Pillow", smooth lines and particular shape. Created in red color, its glass, handcrafted in Murano island, gives exceptional reflections of light pleasing the eye, and adding value to its unique beauty. Available in two different sizes.

    330 €
  • 277 €

    This amazing collection is inspired by the Solar System: pieces of art realized in mirrored glass. Amber like the Sun , Crystal like the Moon and Violet like Venus. The mirror look makes the surfaces incredibly reflectives, and the color layer under the transparent glass creates irregular and shiny patterns that imitates the surfaces of the celestial...

    277 €
  • 678 €

    The Disko Vases are real masterpieces of Artisanal quality Made in Italy. Crafted by the best artists in Murano Island, using the satin techniques, these vases are a must have in your home personal collection. Designed following diskoid shapes and lines you will appreciate its harmony and uniqueness. Available in Purple and Orange.

    678 €
  • 754 €

    Mistici Vases display the skills and the techniques  of our expert artisans.The work process will result in a refined appearance that gives depth to the product. The Outer transparency contains a colored core wrapped in a spiral that is suspended in its ethereal purity. Orange or Blue colors available.

    754 €
  • 2 767 €

    Vase Rostri comes from Murano Fornace Mian collection. Modern and smart look. Its particular type of work technique give to this impressive object a jagged shape that make up the particularity of its kind. It creates shiny lights effects if hit directly by the light. The Crystal clear appearance is perfect for any type of furniture style. Great idea for a...

    2 767 €
  • 210 €

    The Marte Vase, looking like the planet, brings to your home an elegant and vibrant style, thanks to its spherical and minimal shape. Its semplicity is combined with oranges and vermilion nuances that gradually fades away towards its base. The great satin effect makes this piece bright and velvety, giving a fine touch and that easily adapts to any context...

    210 €
  • 282 €

    These very characteristic vases, named "Brina", distinguish themselves for their satin finish that gives them an almost "frozen" look by playing on gradual shades that reveal interesting and always-surprising colors. Items that are unique and always different one from the other, they are recommended for those who like to furnish their house with a real...

    282 €
  • 414 €

    I've selected this Flute vase that randomly combine warm and cold colors to perfectly match with any modern or classic environment. This collection is made by the best Murano glass masters using the ancient technique of sandblasted glass, which gives opacity to the colors and refined reflections. Of elongated and narrow shape, the Flute vase easily...

    414 €
  • 1 077 €

    I'd like to recommend this discreet, refined and robust vase collection, very much in line with the elegance of a modern house. A collection of exclusive vases entirely hand-crafted in Venice. These vases, which blue color is reminiscent of the Venetian lagoon, features a "flakes" texture that makes them truly unique. Certified Murano glass made in the...

    1 077 €
  • 524 €

    This Murano's fine collection of vases is handcrafted to give a special look to your places. Its "frosty" glass is worked by artisans in Venice using the best techniques in order to give you the highest product quality. "Marea" means Tide, that's why its stripe reminds a wave. Each piece is made using passion and skills, that's why every item is...

    524 €
  • 2 181 €

    Socrate Vase, with a fine and elegant look, will apply a truly modern avant-garde for your fitment. The contrast is intrinsic in this very particular Murano glass handmade piece. Its design and cleancut lines aim to give a greater shape thanks to the captivating metallic colors, resulting in a product that constitutes a real pleasure for the eye.

    2 181 €
  • 1 843 €

    Tirigiro, a quirky vase for your home. Versatility is its distinctive feature: in fact it can be used both in vertical and horizontal position, thanks to its perforated appearance and its refined shape taht make it a very special piece of furniture, unique in its kind, which must not be missing in your living room. Handcrafted using several layers of...

    1 843 €
  • 739 €

    The Narciso vase take its name because of its breathtaking beauty. The mirroring effect fully enhances the genuine Murano glas allowing to appreciate its   drop- shaped core, that appears suspended in the external glass matrix (available in the mirrored Crystal and Amber mirrored version). Inimitable art object.

    739 €
  • 1 999 €

    Leonardo Vase attracts the attention at first glance thanks to its uniqueness and its forms. The irregular black opaque surface, reveals glimpses of warm colors so you can appreciate the high quality of traditional Venetian craftsmanship. This object combine modern design and elegance with an unrivaled research of details to offer unique emotions to every...

    1 999 €
  • 1 108 €

    Vase Iside, a refined and magic piece of work by Murano artisans for your personal collection. The particular melting process of the glass using Gold leaf and Silver leaf, gives an extraordinary texture in contrast with the color base of the product. All enclosed by a layer of transparent glass. Available in two different widths.

    1 108 €
  • 1 530 €

    Colonna chandeliers are the ideal piece of furniture for your living room. The Meticoulous precision of details crafted by our venetian artisans is an essential step which will assure uniqueness to every single piece. Available in two colors.

    1 530 €
  • 1 169 €

    Twister Vase is a gritty complement created and shaped by Fornace Mian. Its intense red shade blend to an elegant spiral which is mixed with the Steel color, in order to enhance the contrast of the two tones. This sculpture is ideal to give a decisive touch of color to any environment.

    1 169 €
  • 1 691 €

    Designed by Mr. Poletti Massino, the Farfalle (Butterflies) amazes and enchants thanks to the careful choice of details. This product cleverly reproduce colorful and elegant butterflies, placed on its round white body, which will enhance the combination of pastel colors and the precision of the shapes. The whole composition results as a refined yet...

    1 691 €
  • 0 €

    Unique object entirely realized in Murano Island. Treccia Vases are particular of its kind, smart and elegant yet simple, its glass and shape  gives to its surface a wavy pattern, almost like a plait (Treccia). Made in Italy genuine Murano Glass.

    0 €
  • 678 €

    The Impero Vases express the creativity of Fonace Mian by shaping this original complement. The external transparent surface, completed with little holes, embrace its inner red color creating a cavity between the two layers, reaching a flawless result and delivering a magnificent eccentric product.

    678 €
  • 2 460 €

    The Giungla vase is the result of a particular work technique, mixing the color inside the glass during the melting process, obtaining impressive shapes and patterns on its surface. The shades and the way they are distributed recall the colors of the flora and fauna, typical of the jungle and tropical forests, using a color range from green to yellow and...

    2 460 €
  • 1 515 €

    Vaso Batllò, shaped by Fornace Mian, factory located in famous Murano Island. The best artisans have forged this simple yet fine piece of pure art, giving a graceful spiral look, combined with sinuous and delicate lines that give movement to the entire ensemble.

    1 515 €
  • 1 185 €

    The Gala vase is a creation offered by Murano company Fornace Mian, which sustain Made in Italy collaborating with genuine artist and producing pieces in Venice, modeling the Glass in an entirely handmade process.The technique used for the Gala vase allows to obtain its typical striped appearance, with grooves that mark its roundish shape.Available in two...

    1 185 €
  • 1 691 €

    Vase Cenere is one of the classic pieces in the Fornace Mian collection, an important Venetian company specialized in the Murano Glass  production.By its sober and elegant look, warm color, the Cenere vase has vertical grooves, while the diameter is irregular and flattened on the back, appearing and giving an effect of movement to the entire...

    1 691 €
  • 421 €

    Vase Ghibli enchants for its particular maculated stains pattern, obtained by a specific coloring process carefully shaped by the skilled hands of the Masters in Murano, Venice.The external side is made of transparent glass that reveals the clear outline of the internal cavity which appears to be suspended.

    421 €
  • 1 432 €

    The Seville chandelier is a unique piece of art made by the precious Amber colored Murano glass.The style of the Venetian master craftsmen is an integral part of each piece, which is presented looking like an elongated teardrop available in two variants.Elegant and classy.

    1 432 €
  • 875 €

    Vase Invidia, a Murano glass product that enchants at first glance.The armored effect is the result of a special surface treatment and process that covers the interior colored glass, almost like a shell that guards its precious pearl.Available in three sizes and two different colors.

    875 €
  • 1 691 €

    From the design and concept by Stefano Poletti Bolle vase is crafted with a spherical shape enclosed by filamentous details that imprison all its refinement.The Bolle vase, extremely original as it can be enchanting, despite its simple appearance. This piece of art will astonish you and it will perfectly fit with your rooms and surroundings.Available in...

    1 691 €
  • 202 €

    Sfere Collection comes from the concept by Luisa Beccaria.It is about a collection of spheres made using mirrored glass, with sparkling color and irregularities inside, modeled in Murano by artists.Each sphere has air bubbles in it, which at first sight make it look like celestial planets, its brightness reminds shining stars. Available in different colors.

    202 €
  • 4 151 €

    Luisa Beccaria is the designer who gave life to the elegant and unique Rose vase.The refinement and sophisticated lines of this special creation draws inspiration from the floral theme, from the border decorated with small roses and from the body engraved with fine grooves.Ideal as a luxury wedding gift or for a special event. Special one of a kind.

    4 151 €
  • 1 691 €

    The refined shape of this Murano glass vase inspires to the Ginko Biloba leaf, from which its name is taken by. Its shell-patterned look creates an optical effect in that enhance the soft and irregular lines and transparencies. This piece of art his distinguished for elegance, decoring and enriching with class all your spaces. Available in three colors...

    1 691 €
  • 0 €

    Muse vases are astonishing Murano glass little creations. The three different versions (Amethist, Amber and Crystal/Gold) and the three sizes allow to create your own personal and unique composition.

    0 €
  • 2 306 €

    The Atena vase, with its delicate and sinuous shape and its ripples on the edge, seems almost to have been sculpted by the winds.Therefore this unique piece of art immediately makes you think of an image of lightness, of great and overwhelming abstract beauty, which communicates all its strength with the color Amethyst together with the gold leaf of which...

    2 306 €
  • 1 999 €

    Giano is one of the Mian Furnace's collection composed of two pieces of Murano glass art that harmoniously combine the Amestista color with the Oro Crystal color.Suitable for classy environments, these two precious furnishing accessories are particularly indicated for your table or shelves, to brighten up your dining room living room or any other place.

    1 999 €
  • 2 306 €

    Domus Area is a collection of Fornace Mian that includes two precious satinated glass vases with a decoration of Silver leaf. The stem is made of blown glass, while the upper part has a pleasant crossed-look pattern. The result is two fine and unique art pieces, with attention to details that will give a touch of class to your house.

    2 306 €
  • 7 994 €

    Sol e Luna is a collection of vases by Fornace Mian inspired by the two celestial bodies, that are embedded in the central part of the stem as main character of these pieces of Art. The precious crystal color vases made using Gold leaf are tall about 120 cm, so they are particularly suitable to be displayed in big spaces or on spacious shelves to give a...

    7 994 €
  • 1 035 €

    Aurum & Argentum is a collection of two precious vases made by Murano Glass, extremely elegant and refined. Each piece is enriched with gold leaf (Aurum) or silver leaf (Argentum) through a process that produces typical streaks in the inner part of the vases, in order to give a high-class piece of furniture for your home.

    1 035 €
  • 401 €

    Cor is a collection of Murano glass vases in three sizes from Fornace Mian.Each vase is a different scale reproduction of a lovely red heart surrounded by transparent glass and, in the Red/Amber version, also by an amber aura.Ideal as a gift idea for a special person or a loved one, Cor gives a precious touch of romance to your furnishings.

    401 €
  • 615 €

    The Mila vase collection, by the Venetian company Fornace Mian, is made up of three vases with round and decisive shapes.The exterior is in transparent Murano glass, while the purple interior appears to float within it.The simplicity of each piece is the strong point of this collection, whose main feature is the homogeneity of the lines and profiles which...

    615 €
  • 862 €

    Nodus Torus is an abstract collection of Murano glass with sculptures realized by the experienced glass craftsmen of the company Fornace Mian. The winding shapes of it beautifully define a like-knot image, resulting in a fine and modern design. Ideal as luxury furnishing accessories, these pieces of art can make your living room or bedroom a pleasant and...

    862 €
  • 165 €

    Avicula is a collection made by Murano Glass Art sculptures, shaped with gold leaf as a a couple of Amber little birds,. Its work technique is astonishing, the fusion of the glass with the gold details creates a interesting and fine pattern, yet the precise artisanal touch makes Avicula a unique piece of art. Luxury idea for a small present or to...

    165 €
  • 1 230 €

    Equus is a little and precious reduced-scaled reproduction of a horse, in two different poses: type A. while grazing and type B. while trotting. The sculpture is realized with 100% Murano glass in the historical Venice. This piece of art is an elegant furnishing accessory, particularly indicated as ornament to impress thanks to a real glass sculpture.

    1 230 €
  • 493 €

    Taurus is a Murano glass sculpture that belongs to one of the animal-themed collections by Fornace Mian. The experted glass artisans of Murano precisely craft details obtaining a final product that really looks like the real animal with shiny surfaces. The black color gives sobriety and class to this piece, available in two versions.

    493 €
  • 154 €

    Feles is a small but amazing Murano glass sculpture conceived using clean and simple lines.This graceful product focuses on the essential and sinuous forms, reproducing a stylized cat ideal as an art furniture to enhance your spaces.Available in the two color combinations Black / Red and White / Black.

    154 €
  • 202 €

    Penguin, Murano glass 100% Made in Italy. The simplicity and the contrast are the principal features of this piece of art resulting from patience and precise manufacture by Murano glass artisans from Venice. Available in two sizes.

    202 €
  • 340 €

    Decoris is a collection that includes three Murano glass pieces by Fornace Mian. The spherical look of each gold-colored piece is decorated with grooves that cover entirely its surface, forming a wraparound spiral. The gold color is due because of the use of a gold leaf that gives value to the whole and adorns any place.

    340 €
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