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Be Unique

Giulio Secco

Truly unique creations.

Luxury Unique Gifts offers its customers the utmost quality with the maximum customization: we do not propose a brand, but perfection.

Luxury Unique Gifts has been created for those looking for the perfect gift for those who already have everything. Each item can be purchased as proposed or customized.



One of the most popular customizations is the addition of initials.


The ultimate customization: miniature bookcases.

A hand-crafted miniature is a unique object that can tell the story of a person. There is no gift more "personal" than a miniature bookcase: we have designed some of them for the world's most famous personalities, from politicians to cinema stars, as well as for high-level professionals or as gifts at events (graduations, celebrations).

Each miniature is signed by Manuzio, a Venetian artist. You can ask me to tell your story through your personal photos, your favorite books, your hobbies. Manuzio will enclose everything in a microcosm of perfection and fantasy.