Murano glass chandeliers

Giulio Secco
Selected by Giulio Secco


A classic piece like the Murano glass chandelier get its beauty thanks to the precious Murano glass work, skillfully shaped in Venice following the highest quality standards. Your home will benefit not only from the light offered by the candles, but also from the aura of beauty got from these real art furnishings.


  • 1 432 €

    The Seville chandelier is a unique piece of art made by the precious Amber colored Murano glass.The style of the Venetian master craftsmen is an integral part of each piece, which is presented looking like an elongated teardrop available in two variants.Elegant and classy.

    1 432 €
  • 1 530 €

    Colonna chandeliers are the ideal piece of furniture for your living room. The Meticoulous precision of details crafted by our venetian artisans is an essential step which will assure uniqueness to every single piece. Available in two colors.

    1 530 €
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