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An essential element for decoring your tables gives preciousness and style to your events or family moments, enhancing your surroundings adding an original touch. These Murano glass bowls are signed by Venetian glass Craftsmen, who creates unique and extraordinary pieces, and high quality products.


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    I'd like to recommend this discreet, refined and robust vase collection, very much in line with the elegance of a modern house. A collection of exclusive vases entirely hand-crafted in Venice. These vases, which blue color is reminiscent of the Venetian lagoon, features a "flakes" texture that makes them truly unique. Certified Murano glass made in the...

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    The Soffioni Vases are real unique elements of Made in Italy, crafted from the best artisans in Murano Island. The possibility of purchasing them in four different sizes and two different colors (Water / Steel or just Steel), allows you to create your own unique furnishing compostion to make your living room or bedroom really specials.

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    Unique object entirely realized in Murano Island. Treccia Vases are particular of its kind, smart and elegant yet simple, its glass and shape  gives to its surface a wavy pattern, almost like a plait (Treccia). Made in Italy genuine Murano Glass.

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    Vaso Batllò, shaped by Fornace Mian, factory located in famous Murano Island. The best artisans have forged this simple yet fine piece of pure art, giving a graceful spiral look, combined with sinuous and delicate lines that give movement to the entire ensemble.

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    The Gala vase is a creation offered by Murano company Fornace Mian, which sustain Made in Italy collaborating with genuine artist and producing pieces in Venice, modeling the Glass in an entirely handmade process.The technique used for the Gala vase allows to obtain its typical striped appearance, with grooves that mark its roundish shape.Available in two...

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    Vase Cenere is one of the classic pieces in the Fornace Mian collection, an important Venetian company specialized in the Murano Glass  production.By its sober and elegant look, warm color, the Cenere vase has vertical grooves, while the diameter is irregular and flattened on the back, appearing and giving an effect of movement to the entire...

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  • 1 691 €

    From the design and concept by Stefano Poletti Bolle vase is crafted with a spherical shape enclosed by filamentous details that imprison all its refinement.The Bolle vase, extremely original as it can be enchanting, despite its simple appearance. This piece of art will astonish you and it will perfectly fit with your rooms and surroundings.Available in...

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    Luisa Beccaria is the designer who gave life to the elegant and unique Rose vase.The refinement and sophisticated lines of this special creation draws inspiration from the floral theme, from the border decorated with small roses and from the body engraved with fine grooves.Ideal as a luxury wedding gift or for a special event. Special one of a kind.

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    The refined shape of this Murano glass vase inspires to the Ginko Biloba leaf, from which its name is taken by. Its shell-patterned look creates an optical effect in that enhance the soft and irregular lines and transparencies. This piece of art his distinguished for elegance, decoring and enriching with class all your spaces. Available in three colors...

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    Muse vases are astonishing Murano glass little creations. The three different versions (Amethist, Amber and Crystal/Gold) and the three sizes allow to create your own personal and unique composition.

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    The Atena vase, with its delicate and sinuous shape and its ripples on the edge, seems almost to have been sculpted by the winds.Therefore this unique piece of art immediately makes you think of an image of lightness, of great and overwhelming abstract beauty, which communicates all its strength with the color Amethyst together with the gold leaf of which...

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    Aurum & Argentum is a collection of two precious vases made by Murano Glass, extremely elegant and refined. Each piece is enriched with gold leaf (Aurum) or silver leaf (Argentum) through a process that produces typical streaks in the inner part of the vases, in order to give a high-class piece of furniture for your home.

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  • 862 €

    Nodus Torus is an abstract collection of Murano glass with sculptures realized by the experienced glass craftsmen of the company Fornace Mian. The winding shapes of it beautifully define a like-knot image, resulting in a fine and modern design. Ideal as luxury furnishing accessories, these pieces of art can make your living room or bedroom a pleasant and...

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