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Selection of useful valet trays for your place, made of hand-printed paper for a classic and original style, or genuine tanned leather made in Italy to satisfy the most modern and sophisticated environments.


  • 66,00 €

    I've selected this unobtrusive and refined valet tray which can be shaped, and which has a special metal frame which adds style and usefulness to every context. This article is available in three sizes and various colors to satisfy your needs of space and taste. An exclusive item entirely lined with scratch-resistant Italian calf leather that features...

    66,00 €
  • 91,00 €

    I'd like to recommend this simple yet refined valet tray that I've selected for its versatility. Its convenient and useful design also makes it ideal for traveling. Durable thanks to its flexible metal frame. This luxury item is handmade in Italy by the best craftsmen using genuine calf leather that is processed with a special resin. This item is also...

    91,00 €
  • 164,00 €

    The round shape with rigid edging gives this valet tray a "clean" design, allowing you to perfectly match it with the surrounding décor and use it in many scenarios thanks to its versatility. Its entirely leather-lined wooden frame ensures reliability and durability. Included in the price is the possibility to customize the item with your initials or...

    164,00 €
  • 157,00 €

    A valet tray able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of your house and useful to collect small items. It is available in two sizes and various colors. I recommend it as an item to be placed near the entrance of the house in which you can put keys and coins, or simply as an elegant accessory. Customizable with tonal - or other color - stitching. Great as an...

    157,00 €
  • 164,00 €
    1 Review(s)

    I've selected this valet tray for its solidity, its materials and, without any doubt, for its simplicity in the choice of colors and shapes. Use it to keep glasses, coins or anything else, or simply let it to give a modern touch to your environments. This valet tray, available in two sizes, will definitely be able to harmoniously complete your settings....

    164,00 €
  • 134,00 €

    This essential home accessory, ideal for yourself or as a present, adds a touch of color and perfectly completes each surroundings. Rectangular valet tray, simple and elegant, rifined with stitchings on its surface, produced in wood covered by the Giobagnara's best artisanal leathers. Scratch and water proof valet tray, options available among several...

    134,00 €
  • 134,00 €

    I've selected this scratchproof leather valet tray, useful for collecting every day small objects such as smartphones, keys, sunglasses and more. The wooden solid structure  is covered by valuable leathers, assuring resintance over the time and and matching perfectly with your home style. Available in different sizes and colors.Available in 6 - 7...

    134,00 €
  • 245,00 €

    Safran, in its rectangular version, is the ideal valet tray for your house and convenient for traveling.Manufactured using high quality leather, processed in such a way as to be waterproof and resistant, allowing you to gather in it any type of object without damaging the surface.Finishing with white stitching, but available on request with tone-on-tone...

    245,00 €
  • 91,00 €
    1 Review(s)

    I have selected for you this valet tray with side button closures, entirely scratch-proof leather, simple and useful. Article produced in Italy available in different colors and sizes, which easily fits to any space around the house, ideal for placing your belongings. Its shape made up of overlapping flaps makes the Safran small tray an object that stands...

    91,00 €
  • 435,00 €

    This elegant squared valet tray realized with genuine calfskin leather is called Regis, a classy product carefully handcrafted to obtain the Made in Italy quality, not only regarding the materials. The chromed edges is Regis' peculiarity, which follow its perimeter and its light shape, shining with its metallic reflects. Regis is available in 3 sizes and...

    435,00 €
  • 247,00 €

    Zurigo is a circular valet tray with a particular look. The metallic finish make this complement truly avant-garde that perfectly matches with a modern and stylish environment. Its final aspect is a unique and elegant object. Available in 3 sizes and 11 color versions.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    247,00 €
  • 434,00 €

    The Rectangular alternative of Regis Tray, assures a solid and resistant product, thanks to it metal structure covered by real scratch-proof calf leather, and the chrome finishes which define the edges, as well as a luxury piece of furniture that will perfectly merge with a fine and elegant house. In order to match to your personal taste, Regis is...

    434,00 €
  • 241,00 €

    A wooden structure form the core of Firenze valet tray, simple but fine complement covered in real calfskin leather. Its metallic layer guarantee resistance and lasting over the time, without loosing the practicality of a non-slip waterproof rubber base underneath. Available in 3 sizes and a wide range of colors.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    241,00 €
  • 248,00 €

    Firenze is an elegant and minimalist leather-covered valet tray, useful in its kind, as well as forming a long lasting object. The wooden structure and the metal base give resistance and stability, while the leather treated with resin make it easy to be cleaned. Choice among 11 different colors and 3 sizes.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    248,00 €
  • 159,00 €

    Polo valet tray, an element that perfectly fits to narrow surfaces thanks to his long shape, allowing to be used in the office as at home, making the most of all the spaces available. The rounded edges give a touch of lightness and originality to his design. Available in different color versions.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    159,00 €
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Valet Trays are items of furniture that should never be missing at home. Its use is as effective as it is: in fact everything in your hand or pocket can be placed there avoiding so to loose or having to look around for your items. Specifically the valet trays are usually placed nearby the entrance of the house, on cabinets, so that you can leave your keys, coins, receipts, small items and anything else you want when you arrive in your house.

This extremely handy accessory is really important for your everyday life, it actually help us to organize and store personal effects that we use more frequently, without risking to forget them somewhere and searching for them room by room.

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