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Our pick of photo frames includes two types of products: genuine leather photo frames and photo frames in hand-printed paper. The wide range of colors and patterns makes our proposals easily adaptable to your home.
The leather photo frames with an attractive design are realized by Giobagnara in Genuine Calf leather, while the frames made with hand-printed paper will make your ambient look pretty and original.


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    The design of this photo frame embodies the concept of being able to share three moments of our lives in one single glance. The three photos are enclosed by a leather-lined wooden frame. You can chose to arrange your most loved portraits or landscapes in a horizontal or vertical position. The frameless polished glasses let the photos speak for themselves,...

  • With a stitched leather-lined base, this photo frame can be appreciated from both sides thanks to the transparency of its polished glass which acts as a "frame" that encloses your favorite images. It is perfect for home but also in the office on a desk, for example. Always in harmony with the surrounding style, it is also recommended as an original gift....

  • A new concept for a photo frame entirely in leather. You will love the quality materials that are going to enclose your portraits or landscapes. With a bendable support to ensure the best placement on furniture or tables. Your photo will be protected by high a quality plastic material to ensure excellent durability even in case of accidental impacts. In...

  • A refined accessory that I've included in the collection of items for the house, I'd like to recommend this sober double photo frame: it will let you to combine two photos strengthening the family values and depicting the value of the couple in an essential way. Thoroughly recommended as a lovely gift and for those who want to confirm strong values...

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Don't let your photos being wasted. Photos are as precious as jewels. Photos are reminiscent of the moments that are part of the past and reflective about the emotions that you shared with your dears.

You can keep memory of those emotional moments by preserving some rare pictures. Photo frames are the best way to preserve memories. So, with beautiful frames, keep your photographs safe from the dirt and dust of time.

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