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Glacettes, carafes, coasters, leather trays and much more: these luxury leather table accessories are perfect for any style of dining room or even outdoors. Each item is handmade by Italian craftsmen using the best leathers, which are resistant to drops and scratches.


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  • 197,00 €

    This glacette in leather and chrome-plated steel is undoubtedly one of my "bests" since it perfectly matches with the table thanks to its great convenience and extremely modern and "cool" appearance. One of its strengths is the ability to maintain the temperature of the bottle for several hours without resorting to ice. An item of undoubtedly...

    197,00 €
  • 261,00 €

    For this category I've selected a robust, unobtrusive and refined ice bucket, very much in line with the elegance and usefulness of the surrounding environment. An exclusive item entirely lined with scratch-resistant Italian calf leather that features hand-crafted stitching. If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the item with...

    261,00 €
  • 436,00 €

    This thermal carafe is made of chrome-plated brass and leather. Its interior is made of insulating glass of the best quality. It keeps the temperature up to 12 hours and features an ergonomic handle for an easy grip. Its shiny appearance combined with the color of the leather makes it a very luxurious item that meets both functionality and quality needs....

    436,00 €
  • 29,00 €

    This coaster is suitable for both modern and classic environments and is made of fully leather-lined metal. This makes it indestructible and, thanks to the leathers I've personally selected, even more durable. Totally waterproof and cleanable. The handmade stitching can be customized with tonal stitching. Entirely Italian made.Available in 4 - 5 weeks.

    29,00 €
  • 158,00 €

    This set includes 6 coasters made entirely of semi-rigid and waterproof leather that are easy to store after the use thanks to the leather-lined wooden frame. Suitable for modern, unpretentious and simple tables. Washable and durable, scratch-resistant leather to ensure a continuous and long-lasting use. Available in various colors and with tonal...

    158,00 €
  • 158,00 €

    I'd like to recommend this genuine Italian made item, born from the idea of creating luxury objects using leathers from the world of fashion. A round coaster holder entirely lined with genuine resin-coated calf leather designed to last. If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the item with your initials or tonal stitching....

    158,00 €
  • 105,00 €

    I'd like to bring your attention to this under-plate in genuine leather, able to make your table a little more refined and detail-oriented. The frame of this under-plate is in metal and the leather, processed to make it water and scratch-resistant, will ensure a design item of great quality. Perfect when combined with the TP080 coaster.Available in 4 -...

    105,00 €
  • 78,00 €

    This item caught my attention for its minimalist use of high quality leather, which gives value and originality to Italian style. This elegant place-mat, made by combining the leather with a waterproof semi-rigid frame, distinguishes itself for the leather itself that does not deteriorate over time. The handmade stitching "frames" this simple place-mat...

    78,00 €
  • 81,00 €

    This place-mat in leather with round edges recalls the British style but in a more modern way. With leathers selected by skilled craftsmen, this article is entirely manufactured in Italy. This item is born from the combination of leather with a semi-rigid and waterproof support that allows to easily clean the surface and remove stains. Stitching is...

    81,00 €
  • 259,00 €

    This unobtrusive and refined robust leather tray is crafted by our craftsmen in Italy. With a high-quality leather-lined wooden frame and chrome-plated metal handles, it has an exclusive and elegant design. Wear, scratch-resistant and waterproof, it is a perfect item for your table. If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the...

    259,00 €
  • 561,00 €

    To start your day, treat yourself with small pleasures. This bed tray, which features an entirely leather-lined wooden frame and removable folding handles and legs in chrome-plated metal, is the perfect companion for a totally comfortable breakfast in bed. Waterproof and easy to clean leather. This item is available in 11 colors.Available in 4 - 5 weeks.

    561,00 €
  • 390,00 €

    I'd like to recommend this round tray suitable for both modern and classic environments, crafted using the best Italian leathers. A leather-lined wooden surface with side handles in chrome-plated metal makes this item a unique and versatile tray. Hand-crafted stitching, waterproof and scratch-resistant. A luxurious item made to last. Various colors...

    390,00 €
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