Leather Smoking Sets

Giulio Secco
Selected by Giulio Secco


Smoking responsibly is an art which deserves accessories of class. I've selected for you these beautiful smoking accessories, crafted in Italy by expert craftsmen. On your request every item can be customized in its colors and by adding initials.


  • 196,00 €

    This classy ashtray is a personal item for those who like to enjoy a moment of relaxation and take a refined break. Its wooden frame is entirely lined with high-quality Italian leather. The cigar rest is made of chrome-plated metal. This item is recommended as a valuable gift and it is customizable with initials. Cigar ashtray for both modern and classic...

    196,00 €
  • 120,00 €

    A simple yet refined table lighter, selected for its modern and essential look. This luxurious item is crafted from an entirely leather-lined wooden base with hand-crafted stitching. A rechargeable table lighter in chrome-plated metal. Materials that are selected to last over time and use. Suitable for any type of environment, it is available in various...

    120,00 €
  • 115,00 €

    A cigar holder in leather to be used as a personal accessory by those who want a "clean" design without sacrificing style and for smokers who love to give themselves a classy touch. Made of leather-lined stainless steel, satin finish. Entirely lined with cedar wood veneer. Mini humidifier in high-quality steel. Cigar holder in leather available in 11...

    115,00 €
  • 198,00 €
    1 Review(s)

    A luxury item that matches with any environment, this ashtray is entirely lined with calf leather that features hand-crafted stitching. It has a leather-lined wooden frame and a easy to clean removable chrome-plated metal tray. If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the item with your initials or tonal stitching. Simply fill-in...

    198,00 €
  • 247,00 €

    Simple and modern, this ashtray in polished stainless steel inserted in a leather base stands out for its shape and materials. A high-quality item that is handmade in Italy using scratch-resistant calf leather. Durable and easy to clean thanks to our waterproof leather. Available in various colors.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    247,00 €
  • 261,00 €

    Simple and modern, this ashtray in entirely leather-lined brushed stainless steel is very practical thanks to its swivel plate and it combines design and practicality for classic and sophisticated environments. A high-quality item that is handmade in Italy using scratch-resistant calf leather. Durable and easy to clean thanks to our waterproof leather....

    261,00 €
  • 654,00 €

    Selected for you, this high-quality cigar ashtray comes with a wind-shield lid. A must-have in your external environments, it is made of palladium-plated brass and is mounted on a leather base filled with 1 kg of ballbearings to aid stability. Perfect for jets and yachts. Total weight: 1.2 kg. This item is available in 11 colors.Available in  6 - 7...

    654,00 €
  • 995,00 €

    This elegant cigar box, entirely Italian made, is hand-crafted by the best craftsmen from a leather-lined walnut frame. Its interior in seasoned cedar wood equipped with 2 movable partitions and a lock allows you to make it suitable for your needs. Inside is a characteristic hinge in walnut. Equipped with hygrometer and humidifier. Definitely an...

    995,00 €
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