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Leather game sets, combined with exquisite woods crafted specifically for leisure time, or as classy items for professional players. Italian craftsmen careful over materials selection, use scratch and water-resistant leathers. Choose among various colors, combine finishes and customize every item to obtain a perfect gift for your family, friends or as a personal treat you owe yourself!


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    A playing card holder with a soft padded leather cover. Practical and stylish, perfect for traveling. The inside features a suede and leather lining. Equipped with 2 decks of high-quality cards, score pad and metal pen. The hand-crafted stitching can be customized in color (white or tone-on-tone). Highly recommended as a gift.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    218,00 €
  • 225,00 €

    To store your playing cards I'd like to recommend this robust box crafted from a leather-lined walnut frame. Equipped with 2 decks of high-quality cards. It can be closed to give it an elegant look and easily integrate it with your décor. An exclusive item entirely lined with scratch-resistant Italian calf leather that features hand-crafted stitching....

    225,00 €
  • 270,00 €

    This luxurious playing card box, a high-quality item designed for the most demanding players, is crafted from a leather-lined walnut frame. Inside is a characteristic walnut hinge wood. Equipped with 2 decks of high-quality cards and 5 poker dices. Precious but designed at the same time for being durable. This item is entirely hand-crafted in Liguria -...

    270,00 €
  • 237,00 €

    This playing card box can be used for your leisure time at home or also on vacation. Leather-lined walnut frame with magnetic closure. The edges are finished with hand-crafted stitching. Equipped with 2 decks of high-quality cards. Robust thanks to the use of scratch-resistant calf leather. If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to...

    237,00 €
  • 517,00 €

    An item of quality and elegance, this luxurious poker set is made by a leather-lined walnut and mahogany frame. Inside is a characteristic walnut hinge wood. Equipped with 1 deck of high-quality cards and chips of 8 values. Recommended as a prestigious gift for those who love the game and don't want to compromise on style. If you wish, included in the...

    517,00 €
  • 225,00 €

    I'd like now to introduce you an "evergreen": an elegant Dominoes set case crafted by our craftsmen. Its leather-lined walnut frame features a magnetic closure. Equipped with a Dominoes set in high-quality bakelite. An exclusive durable and scratch-resistant item with handmade stitching. Available in 11 exclusive colors.Available in 6 - 7 weeks.

    225,00 €
  • 1 251,00 €

    This extraordinary game set is indeed one of my favorites: a unique item of highest quality and style. A robust Backgammon set made of walnut and mahogany wood that is finely lined with hand-crafted leather. Inside is a characteristic hinge in walnut. Scratch-resistant game board. Checkers in boxwood and dices are included in the package. Magnetic...

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  • 1 227,00 €

    I'd like to recommend this simple yet refined pool ball carrying case that I've selected for its versatility. This high-quality leather-lined case with handles contains a leather-lined wooden triangle and a set of 57.2 mm professional Aramith balls in phenolic resin. The molded interior can be removed, leaving the case empty. This item is hand-crafted in...

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  • 1 390,00 €

    An exclusive game box, 3 games in one: chess, draughts and dominoes game sets enclosed in one elegant quality item. In leather-lined wood. It includes pieces for chess and draughts in boxwood and a dominoes set in Bakelite. The game board is made of scratch-resistant leather. Practicality combined with design. Customizable by embossing the initials....

    1 390,00 €
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