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Luxury Unique Gifts acknowledges the importance of school education. thinking to realize this category which aim to give value to professors and teachers' work, we created a collection of gift for professors, such as letter holders for desk, desk blotters, made of Calf Leather or handmade printed paper.

A whole stock signed by artisanal quality, beauty and originality.


  • From old vintage photos and documents to plaster busts, this miniature library is characterized by the taste of a "small ancient world" devoted to the legal world through a careful and precise creation. Equipped with books and texts of the law world, the artist also proposes a variation on the theme by focusing on US law.Available in 7 working days.

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    For classical music lovers, in which love and allure join fantasies in a whirlwind of excitement and disbelief, I'd like to introduce this miniature library dedicated to the great composers and masters. Musical instruments combined with titles, scores and plaster busts help to recreate the atmosphere of great theaters and chamber music that travels...

  • Medical plates, stills, medicine bottles, a plaster bust of Hippocrates and surgical instruments faithfully reproduced. Medical books in leather with titles embossed in golden letters and reproductions of old texts and paper formulae: this is the world of medicine, masterfully assembled and enclosed in this wonderful miniature library.Available in 7...

  • A miniature library made with paper replicas of ancient books that contained important texts on pharmacy. In this miniature library bottles, small bottles, vials and stills are matched with powders and medicines, the typical tools of the pharmacists of the past. Customizable with your photos or favorite book titles.Available in 7 working days.

  • The artist Manuzio, in tiny spaces, talks about endless stories collected in a world tinged with fantasy. The world of pharmacy is enclosed in this tiny piece of furniture that is inspired by the ancient alchemical counters of past centuries. Perfect tiny reproductions of bottles, stills, powders excipients and various medicines. The book titles are a...

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Throughout the years until today the teacher profession is a figure that plays a role of great importance in any type of society Its aim is training and growing students both for the civic and educational purpose, as well for the scholastic environment.

The main satisfaction is obviously seeing the students completing their studies successfully, bringing up the cultural knowledge that the teacher has been able to transmit, and reaching the end of the courses getting a degree or any other type of educational achievement.

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