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"Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not.

It is the opposite of vulgarity."


Coco Chanel

Goliard is born from the pursuit of pleasure in its purest form. It's a brilliant dream that seeks to share the perfect balance between luxury and pleasure.

  • 96,00 €
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    High quality artisanal work and the finest raw materials blend together to shape this luxury bracelets collection. Real stingray leather, shiny and durable, with silver plated details will spark and will give a unique touch to your look. Vibrant colors and its international design enrich the way you dress, emphasize your elegance and style. Unisex...

    96,00 €
  • 88,00 €

    The Square Elegance bracelets are designed and inspired by the coolest and most refined ambiances of the big cities in world. Made of 13 zirconia plaques, worked with interlaced and adjustable strings, in detail each color will easily match with your style, enhancing precisely elegance.All shiny and classy, in different colors combined: gold, silver,...

    88,00 €
  • 38,00 €

    A collection made using a classic idea which is  always appreciated. The bracelets of the Elemental line can be worn at every season. The hand of Fatima, the Skull and the Jaguar, are the carriers of these jewels made with care featuring a sparkling appearance, simple but with style details.Zircon stones and gold plating, steel and pink gold will enrich...

    38,00 €
  • 88,00 €

    The Fujy Rock bracelets, owning a distinctive design are made by combining precious materials to make them unique and gritty, alternating its materials between spheres and laces. Perfect as a gift idea or for those who love to wear particulars that are meant to be noticed. Classy metropolitan style, zircons and plated pearls, adjustable size.Suitable for...

    88,00 €
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