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Art items that are crafted in minute detail to give you vibrant colors through original techniques and effects. All of our handmade products become high-quality furnishing accessories and pure art, thanks to ancient craftsmanship.

Chosen for their exclusiveness.


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  • 210,00 €

    To donate elegance and modernity to your environments, I've selected this collection whose name comes from one of the biggest and brightest stars known to men.Handmade through the Murano glass blowing technique. The special manufacturing process through which this artistic object is crafted is characterized by the combination of two colors that blend...

    210,00 €
  • 319,00 €

    The Antares vase was born from the combination of shapes and colors that naturally matches with all environments. Blown and crafted in Murano, this glass enhances color ranges and transforms a simple vase in a unique piece of art.Available in various colors that are mixed by hand.If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the vase...

    319,00 €
  • 352,00 €

    The shape of this Antares vase is reminiscent of a drop, with its soft curves and shiny colors. Double colored, it easily matches with your environment creating a lively atmosphere full of character.Available in various colors, it is handmade using the Murano glass blowing technique. The signature by the artist ensures the value and the quality of Murano...

    352,00 €
  • 319,00 €

    I've selected this collection whose name comes from one of the biggest and brightest stars known to men.Available in various colors, it is handmade using the Murano glass blowing technique.If you wish, included in the price is the possibility to customize the vase with your initials. Simply write them in the table below. Through its various shapes it...

    319,00 €
  • 250,00 €

    These very characteristic vases, named "Brina", distinguish themselves for their satin finish that gives them an almost "frozen" look by playing on gradual shades that reveal interesting and always-surprising colors. Items that are unique and always different one from the other, they are recommended for those who like to furnish their house with a real...

    250,00 €
  • 325,00 €

    I've selected this Flute vase that randomly combine warm and cold colors to perfectly match with any modern or classic environment. This collection is made by the best Murano glass masters using the ancient technique of sandblasted glass, which gives opacity to the colors and refined reflections. Of elongated and narrow shape, the Flute vase easily...

    325,00 €
  • 710,00 €

    I'd like to recommend this discreet, refined and robust vase collection, very much in line with the elegance of a modern house. A collection of exclusive vases entirely hand-crafted in Venice. These vases, which blue color is reminiscent of the Venetian lagoon, features a "flakes" texture that makes them truly unique. Certified Murano glass made in the...

    710,00 €
  • 58,00 €

    Macrame is a splendid art collection, modeled by our craftsmen in Murano. Colorful and in three dimensions, these smart objects match to your rooms spreading a unique atmosphere when used as candle holders. You can combine them by choosing from a wide range of shades. The texture crafted on the glass called "balloton" recalls the texture hive. These...

    58,00 €
  • 320,00 €

    Swing is a unique object of art. Its design is stunning, a thorough work to make the oval shapes that promotes glassblowing Venetian tradition, making each piece slightly different from the other, to ensure uniqueness and beauty. Two sizes for different color varieties, this glazed vases are often combined with each other in the two versions selected by...

    320,00 €
  • 195,00 €

    This set of vases is created in two versions by orienting the shape of the objects in two ways: straight or slanting. So you can combine colors and styles upon your taste and needs giving to your surroundings the perfect look. The choice of tones is inspired by the "Dandy Collection": shiny stripes next to fully vibrant colors. These vases are entirely...

    195,00 €
  • 48,00 €

    Matryoska has been created as a set, but you can easily use or buy them singularly. Its concept allows you to fill your rooms with art and elegance. This glasses are made to fit one another as a "tower", or to be displayed as single. Four patterns and four sizes to match your style and taste. This collection is extremely elegant, available in 2 colors....

    48,00 €
  • 330,00 €

    This Murano's fine collection of vases is handcrafted to give a special look to your places. Its "frosty" glass is worked by artisans in Venice using the best techniques in order to give you the highest product quality. "Marea" means Tide, that's why its stripe reminds a wave. Each piece is made using passion and skills, that's why every item is...

    330,00 €
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